Blog about co-creation of tool in EPHOR

As part of the EPHOR project, TNO, KU Leuven and IOM have teamed up with Belgian occupational health and safety service IDEWE to explore what occupational hygienists need to better evaluate exposures and the related health risks and how sensors could add to this.

Co-creation or design thinking is an iterative, flexible human-centred design approach that focuses on the needs of the end user. The process is broken down into four main steps: Discover (empathy), Define, Develop (create) and Deliver. Co-creation focuses on the needs of the end-user. For the EPHOR project, we engaged occupational hygienists to help us comprehend the current needs and perceptions when using sensors in occupational exposure monitoring. 

The science blog can be found here: EPHOR – an exposome approach for a healthy work life - The European Human Exposome Network (EHEN)

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